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giacomo nudi


After a remarkable journey as a Communications and Marketing Strategist for many renowned corporations, Giacomo chose to change his own narrative and dive into his first true passion: cinema. He acts audaciously as Producer on many documentaries, narrative films, ads and videoclips with clairvoyance and rigor. He is that creative and innovative producer who sparks magic within creators who disrupt the narrative, with a keen interest in marginalized voices and international coproduction.  As a leader, he stands out for knowing how to drive a project forward with clairvoyance, rigor and formidable efficiency.


From the very beginning, Giacomo Nudi knew that one day he would make cinema the main focus of his professional life.  He began his career in 2007 in marketing and communications and quickly became renowned for his strategic and creative qualities amongst well known corporations.  As a true versatile leader and expert, he put to use his multiple talents with remarkable efficiency and became essential to many collaborators.  Throughout his diverse experiences and encounters, Giacomo Nudi had an epiphany: return to his first love, cinema.


His passion was never really that far away.  He was involved in many documentaries, videoclips, short films and other productions as director, producer and screenwriter.  In 2018, he enrolled in the prestigious Cinema program – Producer profile at L’inis, an indispensable professional training institution.  During his certification, he was quickly known for his high ranking qualifications as a producer.

Upon completion, in the summer of 2018, Giacomo Nudi joined the production company Les Films Outsiders as producer.  He participated in his first feature film production, And the Birds Rained Down, written and directed by Louise Archambault. As a talented, creative producer, he continues his career path within the company in addition to cofounding Cosmos Films with his fellow L’inis graduate and associate, Rocio Barba Fuentes.


The projects he is presently developing resemble his own personality, effervescent and sensitive, and are a mix of many different format and genre from short-films, feature films, web series, either narrative or documentary.  By being closely involved from inception to distribution, he quickly learned the specific parameters of his profession and has become a creative, perseverant, go getter, efficient producer with a keen interest to international coproduction.  His greatest wish? Create impactful projects full of humanism with international creators, collaborators and international producers.


Giacomo Nudi is a Board Member of Diversité Artistique Montréal.  It is absolutely crucial, as human being and producer, to encourage diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.  One of his main goals: spark the magic contained within racialized or marginalized talents.  Audacity, ambition and passion drive him to deliver unique projects that stay forever engraved in our memories.

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