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Feature Animation Film | Drama | 80 minutes

short films + web experience + immersive interactive installation + musical performance drama

Inspired by the graphic novel and the soundtrack of Kid Koala

Screenwriter Mylène Chollet

Director & Original Music Eric San (Kid Koala)

Producers Ginette Petit and Michel Pradier

Executive producer Nathalie Bissonnette

Artistic director Corinne Merrell

Production designer Lillian Chan

Director consultant KK Barrett


ROBOT existed to serve only one purpose: to raise Celeste into the happy, brilliant scientist she is today. But now the young Space Cadet is departing for her first interstellar mission, and Robot is left alone without anyone to care for.

Happy that Celeste finally realizes the dream of her life, Robot knows that one day she will return from her mission… Time passes and loneliness weighs on him affecting his aging technological structure.

In space, Celeste faces a more difficult mission than expected. 

A dangerous obstacle jeopardizes her mission. As she searches for a way out of trouble, memories of her childhood resurface.

SPACE CADET is an inspiring musical fable about memory, aging and destiny, reminding us that sometimes our memories hold the key to a serene and happy life.

Eric San (Kid Koala)


More than just a DJ, Kid Koala has established himself as a respected performer, film composer, theatre producer and visual artist. His career began as a scratch DJ in 1994, rapidly growing a cult fan base due to his virtuosic skills. Ever innovating, he quickly evolved into combining turntables with analog machines and visual storytelling devices to create his signature style. Kid Koala jumps effortlessly between genres as eclectic as hip hop, ambient, alternative, contemporary classical, blues, classic rock and traditional jazz. He has released 5 solo albums on Ninja Tune, and 3 albums on Arts & Crafts Records. He has also toured with Radiohead, Arcade Fire, the Beastie Boys, Money Mark, A Tribe Called Quest, Mike Patton, Jack Johnson, DJ Shadow and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He has collaborated with Deltron 3030, Gorillaz, Lovage, The Slew and the Afiara String Quartet. He has written and produced collaborative albums with vocalists Emilìana Torrini and Trixie Whitley and scored the multi platform video game Floor Kids.

Kid Koala (Photo:Corinne Merrell)

Kid Koala’s unforgettable live shows range from touring turntable carnivals like Vinyl Vaudeville, to immersive multimedia shows like Nufonia Must Fall, The Storyville Mosquito, Satellite Turntable Orchestra and his Space Cadet Headphone Concert; each of which express his unique form of storytelling with music, animation, film and interactive entertainment.


He has contributed to scores for the films The Great Gatsby, Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Men Women and Children, Shaun of the Dead and Looper amongst others. He has composed music for The National Film Board of Canada, the Cartoon Network, Sesame Street and Adult Swim. He has also been commissioned to create music for runway shows for Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. He has published the award-winning graphic novels Nufonia Must Fall (2003) and Space Cadet (2011).

Mylène Chollet

Naturally drawn to rich, complex and human stories, Mylène Chollet brings her skill and sensibility to numerous projects for the film, television and digital industries. She first joins Film Development teams at In Extremis Images and micro_scope and is later assigned projects as screenwriter, head of creation and cross-platform designer. Pioneer in convergent storytelling in the province of Quebec, she works on the teams behind «Anamorphoses», «Inuksite» and the very first personalized immersive experience that became «Portable North Pole».


Sharing her time between scriptwriting and cross-patform creation, she works on the digital series «Série Noire» (Gemini Award for Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media - Fiction) and «Bookaboo» (Numix Awards for Best Youth series) while working on various projects for film and television.


After being recruited by Amalga Créations Médias as Content Producer, she later takes the plunge into screenwriting, acquiring credits on series like «L’Échappée», «Le Jeu» and «Fugueuse 2». This year, she acts as lead writer on the fifth season of «L’Échappée». She is currently adding the last touches on the movie adaptation of «Space Cadet», Animated Feature Film based on Kid Koala’s graphic novel.


She is currently adding the last touches on the movie adaptation of «Space Cadet», Animated Feature Film based on Kid Koala’s graphic novel.


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