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 from snow to sky

Documentary medium-length | 52 minutes | 2008

Screenwriting Nathalie Bissonnette and Ginette Petit

Direction Nathalie Bissonnette

Editing Vidal Béïque

Original Music FM Le Sieur

Production Ginette Petit et Nathalie Bissonnette

Distribution Les Films Outsiders

Broadcasters Radio-Canada & RDI

* Additional cost applicable for shipping DVD (10$)

« Necessity is the mother of invention; that is my motto. »

 - Joseph-Armand Bombardier


After twelve years of tireless work and research in his Valcourt workshop, Joseph-Armand Bombardier patented the first snowmobile. He never dreamed that his company would one day be a world leader in the transport industry.

Nathalie Bissonnette invites us on a journey with two major entrepreneurs. Along with her friend and partner, producer Ginette Petit, we set off on what proves to be a wild adventure.

Along for the ride that spans decades is Laurent Beaudoin, the man who, after J. Armand Bombardier’s death in 1964, built the multinational company we know so well today. Throughout the film, Nathalie Bissonnette invites members of her family to describe the company’s success, as well as the challenges and setbacks it has faced.

Using archival footage, photos and firsthand accounts that are both amusing and touching, we come to know the people who had day-to-day interactions with these visionaries, two men who would go on to form such an important chapter in our history.

Nathalie Bissonnette


Fearful of letting precious family memories slip away, director Nathalie Bissonnette, granddaughter of Joseph-Armand Bombardier, paints a faithful portrait of the inventor and entrepreneur Laurent Beaudoin. Throughout their careers, both men succeeded in masterfully bringing the company into the international spotlight. The human values of these entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this story, as it looks ahead to what the future has in store.

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